Some events we hope to participate in in 2014
 (Although we change it when we get closer to the date)
April 24-26
The Rolex 3 Day Eventing in
Lexington Kentucky Horse park

(4-in-hand and unicorn Friesian demo for FHANA)

August 6-10
Walnut Hill Carriage Show
in New York State

September 16-17
Official Friesian Keuring in Paris, Ontario
(Breed judging of foals, mares and geldings)
November 5-9
The Royal Winter Fair, Toronto Canada
(Green Meadows Coaching)

Some events from 2014

April 24-26
The Rolex 3 Day Eventing in
Lexington Kentucky Horse park

Some events from 2013

November 2013
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
Coaching and our newly aquired antique Brewster George IV

June 28-30
Carriage Association of America Carriage Classic

Gerben driving 4 in hand for the morning drive.

Nanda driving the pair division with the Remko and Vincent

Events from 2012

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Green Meadows coaching division

Below are videos of the Stonecreek Friesians team
coaching at the Royal Winter Fair :
Unicorn class:
Pair class:

April 26-28th - Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event -
Demonstration by FHANA

Gerben driving the 4-in-hand marathon

Pleasure driving demonstration

Driving random; 3 in front of each other


Gerben, Nanda and Logan driving "Random" with Rico leading,
followed by Vincent and Jouke as wheeler.

-Ontario Combined Driving Association's

Fall Cones & Marathon- -in Limehouse, Ontario

Gerben driving the 4-in-hand team through a marathon course build for pairs, through hazards made of fencing...

...driving through tight turns in the bush...It was a blast!

-2011 Walnut Hill Carriage Driving Show-

Gerben competing for the first time in the coaching class with  Volkert, Rico, Jouke and Vincent

2010 Events!!!!


-Ohio State Fair, Friesian Show-

The highlight of the show was the 6 in hand demonstrations
with Gerben and Jordan each driving the
geldings: Marco, Nico, Volkert, Rico, Jouke and Remko Stonecreek.


Click to see our 6-in-hand at the Ohio State Fair on youtube